Project Management

Project Management

MDG Associates provides an expansive range of project management services to both public and private sector clients. In addition to having the capacity and experience to implement Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME), Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recover (CDBG-DR), and Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) projects and programs, we also are well versed in all types of construction. Within the construction arena, we have the ability to manage: project scoping, design and plan development, entitlements and permit processing, construction oversight and monitoring, change order reviews and approval, disbursement oversight, and project completion and closeout functions.

Commercial Rehabilitation Program

MDG Associates provides all services required to develop and implement a Commercial Rehabilitation program, inclusive of structuring policies and procedures that conform to the regulatory requirements for the specified funding source, while meeting the program design needs of the grantee. Documentation inclusive of Program Guidelines, Implementation Procedures and program forms are prepared by MDG to ensure that all program requirements are met and appropriately documented during program delivery.

MDG has the experience and capacity to address all procedural steps in the implementation of a Commercial Rehabilitation program inclusive of: preparation of program marketing materials and initiation of program marketing efforts, application review and verification of applicant and property eligibility, performance of preliminary underwriting review, required environmental review, ensuring that historic review and site-environmental testing are completed, performing initial property inspection to view existing property improvements and obtain pre-construction condition photographs, conferring with the owner regarding desired improvements and conceptualize potential eligible property enhancements. MDG then prepares design options and estimates of cost based on the agreed upon conceptualizations, and obtains owner approval of the final design concept in conjunction with grantee approval.

Concurrent with determining applicant eligibility, MDG initiates the loan underwriting process by obtaining a title or PIRT policy, conducting a property appraisal, determining applicant and property conformance with underwriting requirements, preparation of a Loan Review Committee (LRC) Report and recommendation, and scheduling and participating in the LRC meeting.

Upon LRC approval, MDG prepares construction plans and documents, obtains owner approval, prepares bid documents, conducts a pre-bid meeting, obtains and evaluates bids, verifies contractor eligibility, and issues award notification. After securing a contractor, MDG prepares the loan/grant documentation and contractor agreements which are then executed, conducts the pre-construction meeting, ensures recordation of the lien documentation, and upon expiration of any applicable rescission period, issues a notice to proceed. Throughout the construction phase, MDG monitors all aspects of the project inclusive of: invoice review and verification of work performed, processing of lien releases, verifying permit issuance and inspection, monitoring of applicable Davis Bacon and state prevailing wage requirements, and obtaining sign-offs on authorizations for issuance of progress payments. Change order requests are received, reviewed, and processed as necessary.

When all contracted repairs are completed, MDG receives the final invoice and the property is inspected for completion of all repairs, permits reviewed for final sign-offs, a final inspection report prepared, photo documentation of all performed improvements obtained, a Notice of Completion (NOC) is prepared, signed and recorded, and the final request for payment and release after expiration of the NOC lien period is processed. Final project close-out activities include transmittal of original loan documentation to the grantee’s loan repository, loan advisory notices to the grantee’s finance department, verification of recordation of the grantee’s lien, and receipt of a final unconditional lien release.