MDG Associates LLC

Executive Summary

MDG Associates LLC (MDG) was established in 1991 and has undergone steady growth since its inception. MDG is a corporation registered in the State of California. MDG is a registered Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB/DBE). In response to our clients’ needs, MDG provides a wide variety of Community Development consulting services including, but not limited to: Disaster Recovery, Grants Management; Housing Programs, CPD Technical Assistance, Labor Compliance, and Project Management.

MDG Associates LLC is comprised of individuals with a wide variety of expertise. Our staff members are knowledgeable and experienced in the administration of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Planning and Development (CPD) grant funds as well as specific appropriations like Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR), (CDBG-MIT), Community Development Block Grant – CARES Act (CDBG-CV), Mitigation, U.S. Treasury CARES Act, and similar grant programs.

MDG provides design, technical assistance, administration. and implementation services for HUD CPD programs to cities and counties. For most of our clients, our services include the day-to-day implementation of CPD grants as well as programs such as housing rehabilitation, commercial rehabilitation, and homebuyer programs.

Our staff also works with HUD Headquarters staff, through HUD service TA providers, to provide training to grantees throughout the country in the areas of “Basically CDBG,” Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH), Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting (DRGR), eCon Planning Suite, CPD Maps, and the Integrated Disbursement Information System (IDIS). MDG staff currently assists grantees through HUD’s Ask a Question (AAQ) portal in the areas of CDBG, HOME, DRGR, and CDBG-CV. In addition, our staff provides Technical Assistance (TA) to high-risk grantees throughout the country on behalf of HUD on CDBG-DR, CDBG, CDBG-CV and other programs.

Solutions that Work

At MDG, we take time to listen to our clients so that we can obtain insight into their operation and technical needs, as well as budgetary, personnel, and scheduling constraints. We then tailor our services to satisfy those needs, combining experience with creativity to develop the best solutions for each required task.

MDG considers efficiency, quality of work, and on-time performance the essential cornerstones for services provided to our clients. MDG is constantly striving to elevate its already high standards. MDG staff is encouraged and supported in their efforts to develop new and innovative concepts and procedures. New approaches for improving or enhancing our work products are subjected to rigorous analysis to determine if they represent prudent, effective, and cost-efficient procedures.

Skills and Commitment

People working together are what make MDG projects successful. Our goal in the delivery of services is to work closely with our clients so that they will benefit from our shared knowledge, innovation and enthusiasm. We believe that technology alone does not solve difficult problems, people do. Great solutions are delivered by employees committed to client services that are focused on the needs of the client MDG’s staff is experienced in managing large- and small-scale programs and projects. The firm’s comprehensive services are integrated to provide overall program and project services. MDG’s staff is well versed in local, regional, state and federal regulatory requirements, as well as precedents, and trends.

Quality Management

It is the principal goal of MDG to produce high-quality work products and maintain its reputation for quality and timely delivery of services. MDG’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program is composed of documents that individually address the different disciplines within which the company works. The objectives of the QA/QC program are to provide the highest quality product. The phrase “highest quality product” is defined as “achieving the intended scope and purpose of program/project in the most cost-effective manner possible.”